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Spread some holiday cheer this year. Can you think of anything better than providing your loved ones with better water? You use it in so many aspects of your daily routine!

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What our clients say

Paulette Pocquette
14:59 12 May 23
The reverse osmosis water tank is located in our... basement. We have good tasting cool water all the more
Brenda Burkart
17:36 21 Mar 23
I have dealt with Culligan for years with salt... delivery for the water softener. Now purchased a water cooler with bottom loading. Love it😁read more
Lana Geurts
17:00 21 Feb 23
This company does a complete and thorough job,... whether they’’re dealing with softeners or drinking water more
Lynda Mella
13:56 20 Dec 22
We have had Metzner's Culligan salt delivery for... years and have had no problems with the company. We also had service done on our salt water unit and they did a very good more
Carl Lorang
18:12 20 Oct 22
Great service and follow up and always friendly!
Mary Kropp
21:52 23 Aug 22
Great products and great service.
John Wigman
00:08 15 Jul 22
They let you know in advance when they are coming... and they show up on more
Barb Vanderzanden
18:24 30 Mar 22
We had a message on our system to call Culligan. ... The technician explained every step he was doing, and discovered a clogged part. During his inspection, he discovered a filtration system that we didn't know we had. We bought the house a year and a half ago. The filter in the system was disgusting, and he explained how often it should be inspected, which clearly had not been done previously. We highly trust Metzner's Culligan. They also service the filtration system for our drinking water. We highly recommend more
Sandra Blakley
18:50 08 Mar 22
We had an issue with our iron clear filter system... which was taken care of by Chris. He not only explained how everything works but also did not try to sell us an upgrade which is always a deal more
Dan F
19:41 20 Feb 22

A Little Something for the Techies....

The Smart Choice in RO Systems

Reverse Osmosis Smart Features

1. A simple tap in the app

Easily control your RO system with Culligan’s mobile app, available for Apple and Android.

2. Monitor water usage

The Culligan Connect™ app makes it easy for you to monitor hourly, daily or weekly water usage, allowing you to track your water consumption.

3. Real-time monitoring

The auto-cleaning feature will ensure that the filters are always clean so they work better for longer periods of time and there’s leak detection with automatic shut offs if leaks happen!

4. Easy adjustment

The Aquasential® Smart RO is a water filtration system customized to address the unique content in your home’s tap.

5. Remote dealer diagnostics

This smart softener/RO will give you peace of mind with its remote diagnostics.
Your local Culligan expert can receive notifications if any problems arise.

The Smart Choice in Water Softener Systems

HE Softener Smart Features

1. A simple tap in the app

The Culligan Connect™ app gives you the power in the palm of your hand to control your Culligan High Efficiency water softener from anywhere in your home using WiFi. Optimize performance and maximize energy efficiency with a simple tap. Available for Apple and Android.

2. Real-time monitoring

The real-time monitoring feature displays water flow, daily water usage and the salt level, and gives you convenient away-mode monitoring capabilities. When water flow seems abnormal you receive a push notification right on your phone.

3. Easy adjustment

Ensure your water feels just right by easily adjusting the softness setting from anywhere in the house using our patented Dial-a-Softness® valve.

4. Monitor water usage

The Culligan Connect™ app makes it easy for you to monitor hourly, daily or weekly water usage, allowing you to reduce water wastage.

5. Salt monitoring

The Culligan water softener’s brine tank monitors salt levels and notifies you when it’s running low

6. Remote dealer diagnostics

Your Culligan Man receives system notifications the same time you do, meaning you have an expert eye on your water softener at all times.

7. Remote bypass

Time to mow your lawn or wash your car? Save your soft water from being wasted on these activities by easily bypassing your Culligan water softener. Once you’re done with your lawn or car, simply switch back to soft water and bless your hair and skin.